Kroger Swipe and Give

Bridging Destiny is registered in the Kroger Community Rewards Program as a non-profit organization.  Swipe your loyalty card and give to Bridging Destiny. Your profile with Kroger must contain Bridging Destiny’s name or organization’s number. When our name appears in your profile on the Kroger system, Kroger will donate a portion of your purchase to Bridging Destiny.  Just visit, log into your Kroger account then 1) Go to the name on the account at the top of the page and click on the drop down arrow. 2) Click on “My Account” 3) Go to “Community Rewards and click. 4) Search for “Bridging Destiny” or enter XK6535, then click “Enroll.” You will see a block with “Donation Summary” at the top with the status “Enrolled.”  It’s that easy to donate and help us with our mission. Thank you so much.